Ross Steinbach

Ross Steinbach – Sustainability Advisor, San Diego

He grew up and attended high school in La Mesa, California. He later moved to Colorado and met Keith as neighbors in Beaver Creek Ski Resort’s employee housing complex. They spent a good deal of time enjoying the local snowboarding scene, became friends, and soon Keith had been convinced to move to San Diego to enjoy the waves and climate there.

Upon moving back to La Mesa/San Diego, Ross co-founded an apparel company which he ran for a period of years. Later he acquired his Class-A license and now runs freight for FedEx. He is a student of the program and renewable energy enthusiast. He is 45 years old and continues to live in La Mesa where he raises his 7-year-old son, Noah. Ross is continually seeking out opportunity and resources for our program as well as researching new and innovative techniques to make clean energy. He enjoys surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, golf, motocross, and fishing. Ross is the San Diego contact for the Green Go Solar Project.

Feel free to contact Ross here.