What We Do

  The solar cell production process produces functional but cosmetically imperfect solar cells which are not used in retail-grade panels. We acquire and import these B/C grade solar cells into areas where there is either no power or extremely limited access to it.

  These cells are used as a vocational resource to illustrate basic electric principles critical to the design, construction, maintenance, and expansion of a larger solar system. Students test the integrity of these cells and connect them together into solar strings for a larger, pre-calculated electrical output.

  We have developed construction methods to create housings for these delicate solar strings to protect them from the harsh Baja environment. We strive to use locally-acquired, pre-existing material as much as possible. We teach our construction methods by creating custom housing structures with the students before they ultimately wire this all together to comprise a fully-functional solar panel.

  This process results in a viable photovoltaic device for a fraction of the cost of a retail panel. Students leave with solar cells and an understanding of the basic engineering principles of photovoltaic power – The resulting panels are then put to work making power in the local community.

  Our methods are constantly changing based on the needs of the site location we’ve targeted and the materials available at the time – we love criticism towards improvements in what we do.

  Feel free to contact us with commentary, criticism or otherwise.