Recycled solar panels in action

Solar Panel Install Mobile Market

Recycled Solar install Baja MexicoSolar Panel Install Mobile Market
Local recycled panel installs in action. Thanks so much to Dr. John Kimball and Sun Electric for the donated panels.

Way to go Mark and Betty for getting Betty lit up and congrats to Jaime for lighting up his mobile second hand store!

Instalaciones de placas recicladas en acción…muchissimas gracias a Dr. John Kimball and Sun Electric por las placas.

¡Felicitaciones a Mark y Betty por electificar su casa y al Jaime por alumbrar su propia tienda de segunda mobile!

We’ll be scheduling up a series of off-grid instalation training/volunteer/service opportunities in the upcoming months for spring/summer/fall 2018.

More information coming soon.
Please stay tuned