!Placas recicladas!

reccyled solar panels for off-grid solar

We’re now offering 4 recycled panels free (+-140 Watts) with our basic system workshop which comes with a PWM charge controller that can run at 12/24V up to 20 Amps, a 12V +-5 Watt LED light, a Microsoft worksheet to determine the size of the battery bank you need, and cable to install the system.

Thank you so much to Dr. John Kimball and Sun Electronics (http://sunelec.com) for the recycled panels. There’s great need here for off-grid solar and these panels will compliment our mission wonderfully.

We’ll be covering basic theory of how a solar cell works, AC vs. DC energy, connecting in series vs. connecting in parallel, tilt/azimuth angle and magnetic declination, types of charge controllers and how their configuration/operation differs, battery types, battery design and maintenance, and an overview of inverters and their function.

Put together a group of 3 or more and you set the date and time of the workshop.

Contact us at info@greengosolar.org for more information.

Ahora estamos ofreciendo 4 placas recicladas gratis de (+-140 vatios) con nuestro taller de sistemas basica, que incluye una regulador de carga (tipo PWM de 12/24V y hasta 20 amperes), un luz LED de 12V y +-5 vatios, Un formato de Microsoft Excel para disenar la capacidad de su pila, y cable para instalar la sistema.

!Gracias a Dr. John Kimball y Sun Electronics (http://sunelec.com) para su ayuda con las placas!

El taller incluye las teorias basicas de energia solar, energia AC vs. DC, el conectar el serie vs. paralelo, angulo de instalacion/declinacion magnetico y sus efectos en la produccion de la sistema, tipos de reguladores de carga/como a manejarlos, tipos de baterias y su diseno/mantimiento, y un
reviso general de inversores y su aplicacion.

Adjunta un grupo de 3 o mas y ustedes marcan la hora y la fecha del taller.

Contactanos a info@greengosolar.org para mas informacion.

recycled panel kit for off-grid solar