Thank you, Sun Electronics and Dr. John Kimball

  We’re so honored to be included in Sun Electronic’s redistribution effort of some 50,000 solar panels taken from a very large on-grid community in Arizona.

  These panels have a slight wiring connection defect rendering them unusable for connection to the U.S. municipal grid. These panels remain completely workable for off-grid use and are a perfect complement to our mission of providing remote communities in Baja, Mexico with affordable access to solar power.

  We’re going to be receiving our first pallet in San Diego in the next few days and we can’t wait to get these into the field. We’ll be working out logistics through the initial part of the new year and should be installing these in full force next year.

  Thank you so much to Dr. John Kimball and Sun Electric and everyone who has supported us in the past!
More details to come…please stay tuned.